About Beachbeat Surfboards




Here at BeachBeat we always like to deliver the best to our customers. Whether it’s high performance shortboards, beginner to intermediate boards or something custom designed.

The same knowledge and craftsmanship goes in to every board we design and build, so you get the maximum enjoyment and longevity out of what ever craft you choose for what ever style of surfer you are.

We work on state of the art CAD shaping programs to design our boards and operate our own APS 3000 shaping machine, one of the most dialled and accurate machines the world over.  An incredible asset for fractional custom design adjustments and the duplication of your magic design again and again.  We also have a team of UK and international board designers and shapers headed up by Marcus Lascelles, youngest son of the late, great Peter ‘Chops’ Lascelles.

Working closely with our riders and local surfers, we test our boards extensively in the water before releasing our board models to the public and to our range, so that we’re confident it will work for you.






Beachbeat surfboards was founded in mid 80’s Cornwall by a young Australian surf star and world wonderer Peter ‘chops’ Lascelles. After arriving in St Agnes in the early 80’s Chops made Cornwall and St agnes his home.

Employing a couple of local Aggie rippers and boat builders to look after the glassing and sanding and Chops as head shaper, the Beachbeat surfboard factory and brand was born, it fast became one of the most iconic brands in the European surfing world.

With international surf stars and board shaper friends visiting Chops regularly and taking over the bars and breaks of St Agnes the surf and surfboard scene was truly buzzing.

We now focus on shaping, designing and running our shaping machine and work closely with one of Europe’s finest finishing factories for the glassing and finishing of our boards.







RIP Peter ‘CHOPS’ Lascelles BeachBeat UK founder and creator.